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Autocom Super Pro Automatic Duo

In addition to the Logic system’s functionality the SPA boasts higher output speakers giving incredible sound quality and clarity and an additional aux input offering the rider and passenger independence while riding together. The passenger has the freedom to listen to their choice of music or connect to their own phone. Incorporating ANS (ambient noise sensing) technology the SPA constantly monitors external noise levels and automatically adjusts the volume of the audio and speech to compensate. The SPA transforms every ride into a truly remarkable journey.

SPA systems are bike powered and manufactured to the highest standards. The unit's light weight and super slim design ensure they are easily installed under a seat or in a tank bag.


• Autocom’s flagship system
• Ergonomically designed speakers that also deliver incredible sound quality
• Full duplex protocol means the rider and passenger are able to talk naturally
• Individual volume/fader controls give maximum enjoyment for users
• ANS technology that automatically compensates for external noise
• Crystal clear communication thanks to DSP electronics reject 99% of noise
• Accepts 5 inputs (passenger, cell phones, music source, GPS and bike to bike)*
• Passenger enjoys their own music or phone connection
• No risk of "dropped connections" as all devices are permanently connected
• Instantaneous switching between devices without any time delays
• High quality, water resistant cables and connectors allowing everyday use



In addition to Kit-A, the Kit-B offers crystal clear rider and passenger communication. All 5 aux inputs can be utilised allowing the passenger to connect to their own music source or cell phone giving complete independence during the ride. Other inputs can include a cell phone, music source, GPS and Bike-to-Bike*.

SPA Kit-2 includes:

• SPA control hub with bike power lead
• Riders stereo headset with built in ambient noise sensor
• Passenger stereo headset
• Headset extension leads
• Stereo music lead
• Professional fitting kit
• Full instructions
Autocom Super Pro Automatic Duo